How To Order Products

Step 1.1: Register an Account as Buyer Account.


Step 1.2: Fill out registration form and hit "Register" or Sign in with Facebook. 

Step 1.3: Your account will look like this once it is successfully created.

Step 2: Browse the Web Store for your desired products.

Step 2.1: Choose the product you would like to purchase.

> Click on the image and it will show more details about the product.

> Click "Add to Cart" and you will proceed to checkout instantly.

Step 2.2: Click "Shopping Cart" to view the items in shopping cart.

Step 2.3: Shopping Cart. You may proceed to checkout now.

Step 3: Checkout Process.  

Step 3.1: Choose to use existing billing address or new billing address.

Step 3.2: Choose to use existing shipping address or new shipping address.

Step 3.3: Choose shipping method.


Step 3.4: Fill in the payment information


Step 3.5: Order Summary & Payment Method

 > Have a final check on the product items before proceeding to payment

 > Click "Confirm" to confirm order and your order is placed successfully.


 Step 3.6: Your page will look like this once it is successfully ordered.