Return Policy

E-store Return Policy

Return policy

If you have received a product that contains any defect or damages that is not due to your fault (“Faulty Product”) or products which you did not order (“Incorrect Product”) (collectively referred to as “Returnable Product”), you have the right to REPLACE your Returnable Product from <>.

You must have a proof of purchase:

1. e-store order receipt,

2. copy of Delivery Order Note,

3. purchase history for the items you are returning.

The item must complete with all accessories (including manuals, warranty cards, certificate of authenticity) and free gifts received with it in original packaging. We reserve the right to charge for any missing accessories.

You have 7 days from receipt of the Returnable Product to return it to us. We will reimburse you of shipping and handling fees (if applicable) incurred by you upon return of the Returnable Product.  

Brother stock inventory are limited. As a result, we may not be able to make requested exchanges. If this is the case, we will provide you an option of either (i) refunding you the full amount of price you have paid, including any delivery costs charged, or (ii) replacing your item with another product which is most similar to the product you have purchased, provided that we reserve the right to inform you in advance of any differences in price and either charge you or give you a refund of such differences in price that results from the replacement. Our customer service crew will contact you for further discussion.

Please note that all returns, refunds and exchanges are subject to Brother’s final approval.  We reserve the right to refuse return of any Products that do not meet the requirements under this Return Policy.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, if you have received Returnable Products, you are still entitled to legal rights under applicable consumer law in relation to products that are faulty or not as described.  In addition, upon registration with Brother, you are also eligible for Brother’s standard warranty governed by our Standard Warranty Terms (“Standard Warranty”),    even if you have failed to notify us in 7 working days as specified above. 

How to Return a Returnable Product

If the product you have received is a Returnable Product, you must contact us within 7 days from your receipt of the Product, failing which you are deemed to have accepted the Product you ordered in good condition.  Upon returning the Returnable Product, please furnish us with the following:

1.your Order number,

2. your name,

3. your address,

4. the delivery order number,

5. contact number,

6. email,

7. details of theProduct, (including its model and serial number) and

8. reason for return (for Faulty Products, particulars and nature of the defect; for Incorrect Products, the model of the product that you actually ordered).

We will then advise you on how to proceed with the return. To assure prompt return resolution, please pack the item in its original package, with full accessories and buying invoice.  Brother will conduct an evaluation/ investigation within 4 working days of receiving your returned items. We will always try our best to process within 7 working days, provided the Product has been returned as per the above paragraph.